Our Goal is to Provide


Care to Medical & Critical Patients.

About Us

Critical Care Associates

Team of doctors from MEDICINE, ANESTHESIA & PULMONARY MEDICINE background with vast experience in CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE

Goal of our team

Provide EMERGENCY and CRITICAL CARE services by INTENSIVIST 24×7 to achieve best possible outcome in critical patient. Protocolise ICU by training RMOs and nurses of institute.

Our primary services are currently at

  • SIDS Hospital
  • Venus Hospital
  • INS Hospital
  • Mahavir Hospital
  • Asutosh Hospital
  • Vrudam Hospital

We are happy to provide medical and critical care as needed at other hospitals of Surat.

Contact us for any emergency consultation on

+91 90999 20286 +91 90031 79964

Our Team

Team Member

Dr. Karshan Nandaniya

MBBS, MD (Medicine), IDCCM (Bombay hospital)
Consultant Physician & Intensivist

  • Renowned Critical Care physician and one of the pioneer of modern critical care in South Gujarat
  • Treated many critical patients successfully over last 12 years in many institutes across city
  • Expert in PUO, difcult diagnosis in critical patients, management of shock, GI critical care, Neuro critical care, obstetric critical care and poisoning.
  • He is actively involved in education and training of healthcare professionals and general public.
Team Member

Dr Ronak Yagnik

MBBS, DTCD, IDCCM, IFCCM(Apollo Hospitals, Chennai), EDIC (Vienna)
Consultant Intensivist | Pulmonologist

  • Has 9 years of experience in critical care
  • He was top scorer in EDIC at Vienna
  • His expertise is in ARDS ventilator management, difcult to wean pan patients, shock, GI critical care.
  • He has successfully weaned off many patients from the ventilator during COVID19 pandemic
Team Member

Dr. Ankit Gajjar

MBBS, MD, IDCCM, IFCCM (Apollo Hospitals, Chennai), EDIC (Europe)
Critical Care Physician & Intensivist

  • He was trained for 3 years at Apollo Hospital, Chennai and received "best fellow of the year" award
  • Has 8 years of experience in eld
  • He has special interest in Neurocritical care, Septic shock, Tropical infections with multiorgan involvement & complicated poisoning.
  • He is an excellent acedemician
  • He has published several case report and reviews articles.
Team Member

Dr. Divya Mulchandani

MBBS, MD, IDCCM(Bombay Hospital)
Consultant Intensivist

  • Has 9 years of experience
  • She has special interest in GI critical care & hemodynamic monitoring
  • INTENSIVIST at SIDS hospital
Team Member

Dr. Hardik Desai

Chest Physician and Intensivist

  • Has 3 years of experience in critical care
  • He is expertise in COPD, ASTHMA & Bronhoscopy
  • Physician and INTENSIVIST at Asutosh Hospital
Team Member

Dr. Preksha Jain

Chest Physician and Intensivist

  • Has 3 years of experience in critical care
  • She has special interest in ultrasound in critical care
  • Chest Physician & INTENSIVIST at Venus Hospital
Team Member

Dr. Aakash Barad

MBBS MD; MEDICINE IDCCM (Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai)
CCIDC (Critical Care Infectious Disease)

  • Critical Care Physician and INTENSIVIST
  • All procedures in intensive care including CRRT, HFOV, difcult intubation, central line & dialysis catheter insertion.
  • Rapid diagnosis and protocol based management.
  • Expertise in Critical Care Infectious Disease
Team Member

Dr Komal Jangir

MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

  • INTENSIVIST at Vrudam Hospital, Surat
  • Worked as a Registrar in ICU at Mahavir Hospital, Surat
  • He is interested in various academic activities and published articles in many journals.
Team Member

Dr. Hiral Patel

(Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine)

  • Working as an Intensivist at Asutosh Hospital
  • Expertise in pre operative and post operative patients care
Team Member

Dr. Ganga Narang

(Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine)

  • Working as an Intensivist at INS Hospital
  • Has Special interest in Neuro Critical Care
Team Member

Dr. Yash Patel

(Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine)

  • INTENSIVIST at INS Hospital

Scope of Services.

  • Provide comprehensive critial care
  • Actively involve in training of Medical ofcers & nursing staff
  • Management of polytrauma includes abdominal trauma, chest trauma etc.
  • Management of acute respiratory failure, acute asthma, COPD exacerbation, ARDS, Severe Pneumonia
  • Management of sepsis with multiogan failure
  • Management of intraabdominal infection, pancreatitis, liver abscess
  • Expert in invasive and non invasive ventilation
  • Management of complicated dengue, malaria and viral infections
  • Management of APH, PPH, PIH, Eclampsia
  • Management of cardiac emergencies like LVF, PE, Arrythmias
  • Management of all poisoning
  • Management of post operative hypoxia and shock
  • Management of acute neurological emergencies like Ischemic stroke, intracranial hemorrhage, brain trauma & other neurological problems like GBS, Myesthenia Gravis

Contact Us

Phone :

Dr. Karshan Nandaniya : +91 97266 10510

Dr. Ronak Yagnik : +91 90031 79964

Dr. Ankit Gajjar : +91 90999 20286